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Dr. Rita Schellenberg
Cultivating Performance
Dr. Schellenberg provides discrete on-location preventative and responsive services to enhance
performance and restore
the well-being of children and adolescents, getting the system back on track
in a timely manner
. Services include:
  • stress, fear, and fatigue management

  • relationships/issues that poison performance and climate

  • relating and responsibility for promoting creativity in self and others

  • mediation and conflict resolution

  • clashing values and beliefs

  • performance anxiety

  • motivation and positive attitude

  • physical and psychological demands of performance

  • environmental/reality acceptance

  • sleep disruptions

  • coping strategies (including coping with success)

  • developmental issues

  • assessing comfort levels with expections/roles
Potential benefits of counselor-facilitated consulting services for performance-driven industries:
  • establish the company as one that recognizes and values the unique needs of minors,
    attracting top performers and gaining parental support.

  • mediate personal, social, and emotional issues that impede production and adversely
    impact individual performance and quality of company production.

  • provide a caring environment that promotes safety and creativity.

  • identify issues early and take swift action for the least interference with production and
    production schedules.

  • address developmental, psychosocial, and emotional needs of culturally diverse children
    and adolescents.

  • reduce adolescent reliance upon substances that often negatively impact performance,
    performer well-being, and create costly production delays.

  • provide interviews to identify potential or existing obstacles to performance.
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