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Dr. Rita Schellenberg
Cultivating Performance
The strongest recommendations I can offer is a sampling of comments received from those
with whom I have worked.
"Competent, caring, and compassionate with a contagious positive
demeanor and a prowess that reflects your knowledge--you are the
total package."
"Dr. Schellenberg has a natural ability to motivate and inspire with an
evident passion for the profession and a wealth of experience. She is
genuine and her enthusiasm is contagious."Dr. Schellenberg’s
Cultivating Performance consulting services for our team earned
outstanding evaluations—I strongly recommend Dr. Schellenberg as a
"In this time when many hold a pessimistic view of the world, Dr.
Schellenberg enthusiastically believes that she can make a
difference. Credentials in themselves do not create success. Rita,
however, couples her knowledge with practical application to achieve
high standards."
"Rita is astute, skilled, hard working, eager, knowledgeable, and she
is committed to performing her various roles and duties in a
professional and ethical fashion. Her academic prowess is apparent
in her timely and relevant publications and the awards she’s